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Case Studies
Our clientele belongs to the top 100 corporations in the Philippines and selected companies from abroad.

Challenging or demanding in terms of quality and delivery commitments
Evolving or changing landscape of requirements… They are looking for world class output to be done locally. They are looking for something from abroad, which they can apply to their companies / brand / store. Aside from which, they want to be the first to try new things, to be the pioneer in having something "new" and "innovative".
Keeping abreast with the trends in print solutions
They have ideas, but do not know how to turn them into concrete artwork / solutions

Offer a complete solution for creative work, prototyping, production, delivery, installation
We continuously improve on our solutions offerings.
We greatly emphasize the importance of giving back to MOTHER EARTH, therefore we offer green printing technology. Environmentally safe inks that are certified by GREEN GUARD. The production method uses a sustainable process with less waste and streamlined processes.
We work closely with the clients to be able to translate their ideas into something concrete and to be able to develop ideas specifically structured for them.
We are more challenged in handling customer inquiries and seeing happy clients with our solutions.
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